The Skateboard Trip of 2016

This year we took a trip across the country to hit many local spots along the way. We did our best to meet up with some local brands and also some local skaters. We had such a crazy time and would recommend this trip to everyone!

Highlights from the trip

We met up with a company located in Sudbury, Ontario called iMarijuanit. In our opinion, they are theĀ best marijuana vaporizer reviews website. We had a chance to sit down with them and test out some of the best vapes on the market today! These guys are innovators in their field. They are some really cool guys and we are super stoked to have met up with them.

Our trip continued across the country towards Alberta. We checked out some local skate shops in the Calgary area and also in Edmonton. We were very impressed with the atmosphere towards skateboarding out west. There is a huge community around skateboarding in western Canada. Much bigger than we originally anticipated.

The parks in Calgary were sick. Much better than the ones in Ontario. After Calgary we then traveled westward to Whistler BC.

The mountains were beautiful to say the least, and it was some of the most scenic skating we’ve ever had the privilege of riding.

The skate parks in the western part of Canada were amazing, we really loved skating them.

For full highlights from the trip, check out our YouTube Channel!

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