Scored a Deal on Some Marijuana Vaporizers

Thank you iMarijuanit for the VaporNation Coupon!

While on our trip, the company iMarijuanit hooked us up with a VaporNation coupon. This discount coupon entitled us to 25% off our entire purchase and also gave us free shipping! Let me tell you, we stocked up. Our whole team pooled our money and bought 3 vaporizers for the van.

The first vaporizer we picked up was the Atmos Orbit. The reason we got this one is because we wanted a pen style vaporizer for the van. This vape does wax and also herbs so it is super useful when on the road and you just need a simple device.

The next one we bought was the Classic, Volcano made by Storz and Bickel. This is a desktop vaporizer which we plan on using while at our hotels, etc. Whenever we have a plugin available essentially. We all wanted to own this one for a long time, since it has been on the market for years.

The final vaporizer we got was the Vapir Prima. This one is a portable and is a bit more bulky than our Atmos pen. This is one that we use while on the go, when stealth isn’t an issue. This vape kind of sticks out since it is so bulky so we only use this one when we don’t need to be discreet.

We highly recommend the VaporNation website. The whole transaction and shipping process went very smoothly, and the vaporizers arrived within a week. Also did I mention the shipping was free?

So get your lazy butt over to and use your new coupon to score yourself a solid vape, just like we did!


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